EUBCE 2021 - Oscar VERNAEZ - New Sustainable Solutions for the Plastic and Chemical Industry

New Sustainable Solutions for the Plastic and Chemical Industry

Advances in Large Scale Gasification

Advances in Biobased Products

New Sustainable Solutions for the Plastic and Chemical Industry

Short Introductive summary

In this work, Neste’s new sustainable solutions for the plastic and chemical industries are presented. The solutions aim the upstream, supporting the current petrochemical business and infrastructure by providing new drop-in bio-based feedstock that can be used in the current facilities for manufacturing monomers and chemical building blocks. Hereby, general aspects about using two outputs from the NEXBTL™ process, bio-based LPG (mainly propane) and bio-based naphtha as feedstock for the production of propylene are presented. Bio-based LPG is converted using propane dehydrogenation (PDH), while renewable isoalkanes are converted using a steam cracking process. In both cases, comparison against their fossil analogs are presented. Finally some of the public initiatives of Neste towards new technological solutions to incorporate new sustainable, scalable waste and residue feedstock for chemicals and materials are also presented.


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Neste, Innovation, Products and Applications Dpt.

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R&D Manager for Chemicals and Materials in Neste (Finland). Is a material Engineer with a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and a PhD in Engineering. He worked 12 years as Polymer specialist in PDVSA Venezuela and 3 years as Group manager in the bioplastic department of the Fraunhofer UMSICHT in Germany.

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O. Vernaez, Neste, Porvoo, FINLAND
A. Ojala, Neste, Porvoo, FINLAND
J. Jamieson, Neste, Porvoo, FINLAND
A. Muñoz, Neste, Düsseldorf, GERMANY

Session reference: ICO.4.3