EUBCE 2021 - Shishir JOSHIPURA - Biomobility - Reimagining Transportation Fuel Landscape

Biomobility - Reimagining Transportation Fuel Landscape

Bioeconomy Advances in India

Bioeconomy Advances in India

Biomobility - Reimagining Transportation Fuel Landscape

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Bio-mobility refers to utilizing captive renewable biological resources such as feedstock to produce low carbon transportation fuel that can be used across all modes of mobility namely, land, air & water.
Transportation based on Biofuels has positive socio-economical & environmental impact. Bio-Mobility platform envisages utilization of Agri residues and organic waste for the production of both gaseous and liquid bio fuels using biochemical and thermochemical processes. Biomobility platform comprises of 1st generation Bioethanol, 2nd Generation cellulosic biofuels, bio diesel, renewable natural gas, Bio-methanol, Bio-hydrogen, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) & Marine biofuel.
As a renewable source of energy, Biofuels are environment friendly and carbon efficient and contributes to sustainable de-carbonisation through circular bioeconomy.
Collection of agriculture waste creates employment in rural areas & serves as alternate revenue stream for farmer thus boosting rural economy.


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Praj Industries Limited

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Mr. Shishir Joshipura is CEO and MD of Praj Industries Ltd., a Pune based Industrial Biotech major since 2018. Prior to this he was CEO of SKF India.
Currently he is Co-Chairman of CII National Task Force on Bioenergy 2020-21 and works closely with Govt agencies and stakeholders for the causes of industry. He is also member of Governing Board of The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India.
Mr. Joshipura was named as one of the 'most valuable CEOs' of India by Business world magazine in the year 2013 and listed amongst 'India's Top 100 CEOs in 2013' by Business Today magazine.

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S. Joshipura, Praj Industries Limited, INDIA

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