EUBCE 2021 - Dave SLADE - Bio-based Diesel: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Bio-based Diesel: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Advances in Bio-Fossil Fuels 

Advances in Bio-Fossil Fuels 

Bio-based Diesel: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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This presentation will review the properties and benefits of Biodiesel (FAME), Renewable Diesel (HVO), and blends of the two. It will also discuss environmental impacts that can be achieved uniquely with diesel engines using bio-based diesel fuels.


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Renewable Energy Group, Inc., Biofuel Technology and Services

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As REG's Executive Director, Biofuel Technology & Services, Dave Slade works to improve product quality at REG's biorefineries, evaluate new feedstocks, develop co-product opportunities, and advance process technology. Dave has been with REG since 2007 and has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

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D. Slade, Renewable Energy Group, Inc., USA

Session reference: ICO.2.4