Thursday, 29 April 2021
13:45 - 14:45 CEST
Session code: IDV.7 Industrial System and Sources Integration for Low Carbon Fuels and Products
Session Description

In this session industrial systems are analysed and presented aiming to showcase the innovative solutions available for market deployment. The presentations cover a wide range of bioeconomy systems.

Chair & Moderator

Philippe MARCHAND, Expert, FRANCE

WIP Renewable Energies, GERMANY

Biogas - Global Challenges, Markets and Cooperation Opportunities

Session reference: IDV.7.1
E3 International, USA

Sustainable Land, Livelihoods and Energy Initiative- Serbia: Restoration of Degraded Land at Scale Using Short Rotation Wood Biomass Plantations (SRPs) in Pursuit of Clean Energy, Bioeconomic Growth and Other SDGs

Session reference: IDV.7.2
Sebastián ZAPATA
Circe Fundation, SPAIN

Alternative Feedstocks to Promote Bio-based and Circular Economy in Industrial Intensive Sectors: the RETROFEED Project Approach

Session reference: IDV.7.3
Dimitrios TYRIS
Agricultural University of Athens, GREECE

RES4LIVE Project: Energy Smart Livestock Farming towards Zero Fossil Fuel Consumption

Session reference: IDV.7.4
BEST - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies, Sustainable Supply and Value Chains, AUSTRIA

BIOFIT Case Studies - How to Adapt Existing Industrial Facilities

Session reference: IDV.7.5
Maurizio BETTIGA
Lombardy Green Chemistry Association, ITALY

Progress in the Transition Towards a Biobased Economy and New Biobased Business Cases: the Vanguard Initiative Bioeconomy Pilot

Session reference: IDV.7.7
CIRCE - Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption, SPAIN

Towards the Decarbonisation of the Energy Intensive Sector: Presenting RE4Industry Project

Session reference: IDV.7.8
Hyun Gyu KIM
Kongju National University, Business Administration Dpt., REPUBLIC OF KOREA

LMT Process: A Revolutionary Approach Improving the Feasibility of M2E Business

Session reference: IDV.7.10
BTG Biomass Technology Group, THE NETHERLANDS

Bioenergy Retrofitting in Europe’s Industry - BIOFIT Results

Session reference: IDV.7.11
BTG Biomass Technology Group, THE NETHERLANDS

Logistics and Feasibility of an International Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Supply Chain - a Case Study of the MUSIC Project (HORIZON 2020)

Session reference: IDV.7.12
BTG Biomass Technology Group, THE NETHERLANDS

Market Uptake Support for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers - The MUSIC project (HORIZON 2020)

Session reference: IDV.7.13

Please note that this Programme may be subject to alteration and the organisers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.