Tuesday, 15 May 2018
Room: AUDITORIUM 11+12
10:15 - 12:35
Session code: BP.1 Climate and Sustainability
Uwe R. FRITSCHE, IINAS, Scientific Director, GERMANY
Ana Luisa FERNANDO, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Ciências e Tecnologia Biomassa Dpt., PORTUGAL

Short introductive summary: Assessing and Mitigating ILUC Impacts of 2g Biofuel Technologies at Project Level

The aim of this study is to explore the challenges and opportunities of assessing potential ILUC impacts of 2G biofuel technologies at project level. We evaluate two projects for commercial scale production of cellulosic ethanol in Europe (Italy and Slovakia). We analyse each project’s feedstock supply chains as proposed by the investors including dedicated energy crops on marginal land; agricultural residues; and woody biomass. For the analysis we apply the Ecofys (2013) “Credible Robust Certification of Low ILUC biofuels” and a Causal Descriptive Methodology (CDM) we developed for this study. Our methodology employs GIS techniques, analysis of historic trends and market data and expert consultation to identify and quantify the potential ILUC impacts of individual projects. The results provide insights on (i) the potential ILUC impact of the biofuel projects studied; (ii) the challenges of assessing impacts at project level employing the two methodologies; (iii) the opportunities to use knowledge of potential ILUC to develop mitigation strategies at project level; and (iv) need for post-2020 regulations to ensure that the risk of ILUC is effectively accounted for at project
Presenter:  Lorenzo DI LUCIA, Imperial College London, Centre for environmental policy, UNITED KINGDOM

Presenter's biography:
Dr Di Lucia works on the development of a landscape approach to the governance of land use and bioenergy systems by coupling quantitative modelling and stakeholder engagement. The approach seeks to facilitate the planning of biofuel projects that promote ecosystem services and human well-being

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L Di Lucia, Imperial College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
E Sevigne, Imperial College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
A Bauen, Imperial College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
R Slade, Imperial College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Session reference: BP.1.5