Wednesday, 29 May 2019
Room: ROOM 5A
17:00 - 18:30
Sustainability and socio-economic impacts
Session code: 4CO.14 Sustainability assessment in bioeconomy
Yara EVANS, Imperial College London, Centre for Environmental Policy, UNITED KINGDOM

Short introductive summary: The Importance of Biomass Based Power Plants in the Forrest Management in Portugal

In this paper, we analyse in detail the evolution of the production of the “electricity from biomass” in
Portugal, the technical aspects related to the biomass-based power stations already in operation, and also the
best ways to gather and transport its necessary supply of biomass, which represents an important logistical
Presenter:  Clemente Manuel PEDRO NUNES, Instituto Superior Tecnico, DEQ Dpt., PORTUGAL

Presenter's biography:
Chem. Eng., IST, Lisbon, 1971; Ph.D. in Chem. Eng., Univ. of Birmingham, 1975; Director of R+D, CNP, 1982/86; Director General of Higher Education, 1986/1989; COO Quimigal, 1989/97; CEO Quimigal, 1998/2000; CEO CUF, 2000/2007; Invited Full Professor, IST,2004/2016; CEO Clemente Nunes Lda, 2007/ …

Biographies and Short introductive summaries are supplied directly by presenters and are published here unedited

C. Pedro Nunes, CERENA/DEQ, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
M.C. Fernandes, CERENA/DEQ, Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Session reference: 4CO.14.1