Tuesday, 28 May 2019
Room: ROOM 5C
15:15 - 16:45
Session code: IBO.12 Biochemical conversion to liquids for industrial applications
Lars JÜRGENSEN, Berufsakademie Hamburg, GERMANY

Short introductive summary: Advanced Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation: the Eu H2020 Bio4a Project

Scope of the H2020 BIO4A project - The new Horizon 2020 BIO4A (Advanced Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation) project will aim at upscaling the industrial production and market uptake of sustainable aviation fuel, i.e. HEFA made from residual lipids, such as Used Cooking Oil. BIO4A will also investigate Camelina, a drought-resistant non-food crop grown on recovered EU Mediterranean (MED) marginal lands and already used for HEFA production in the previous ITAKA FP7 project. The produced sustainable aviation fuel, which will meet the conventional ASTM jet fuel standards, will be used by commercial airlines in regular passenger flights, thus contributing to achieve the EU’s goal for the decarbonization of the aviation sector. Coordinated by the Italian research organisation RE-CORD (Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration) of the University of Florence, the four-year project BIO4A will run until 2022 and will be carried out by an international partnership from France, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Italy: TOTAL, SkyNRG, CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain), CCE (Camelina Company España), ETA-Florence Renewable Energies and EC-JRC (European
Presenter:  David CHIARAMONTI, RE-CORD and Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Industrial Engineering Dpt., ITALY

Presenter's biography:
David Chiaramonti teaches Bioenergy Conversion Technologies at the University of Florence, where he carries out research on thermochemical biomass conversion at CREAR. He chairs the Renewable Energy COnsortium for R&D of the University of Florence (RE-CORD)

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D. Chiaramonti, RE-CORD/DIEF, University of Florence, Florence, ITALY
T. Barsali, RE-CORD/DIEF, University of Florence, Florence, ITALY
P. Marchand, TOTAL, Paris, FRANCE
O. Meijerink, SKY ENERGY, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
B. de Ulibarri, CENER, Madrid, SPAIN
Y. Herreras Yambanis, Camelina Company España, Madrid, SPAIN
M. Cocchi, ETA Florence, Florence, ITALY
A. Jones, 7EC-Joint Research Center, Bruxelles, BELGIUM

Session reference: IBO.12.1