Thursday, 30 May 2019
Room: ROOM 5A
13:30 - 15:00
Climate impacts of bioenergy
Session code: 4DO.8 Climate Impacts of Bioenergy
Guido REINHARDT, IFEU-Institut Heidelberg, Biomass & Food Dpt., GERMANY
Patricia THORNLEY, Aston University, EBRI Dpt., UNITED KINGDOM

Short introductive summary: Production of Biochar and Co-Composting with Digestate from Biomass Anaerobic Digestion in the Bio4a-Biojet Project

The H2020 project BIO4A aims at producing large scale volumes of SAF (HEFA): while the phase of industrial production, targeting 5 kt biojet, will be implemented by operating for the very first time an industrial biorefinery at full-jet mode, the main R&D workpackage addresses the improvement of soil characteristics in marginal areas of EU MED Countries, so as to improve their resiliency to desertification effects. The goal is to explore and exploit the potential of currently under-used marginal areas for biojet and protein (meal) production.
The present work discusses the production of biochar and COMBI (co-composted amendment made by biochar and digestate mechanically separated solid fraction from biomass anaerobic digestion), that will be further investigated by Camelina Company Espan?a in test plots on Camelina crop in Spain in 2019-2021.
Presenter:  Stefano DELL'ORCO, RE-CORD, ITALY

D Chiaramonti, RE-CORD/DIEF, University of Florence, Florence, ITALY
T Barsali, RE-CORD/DIEF, University of Florence, Florence, ITALY
D Casini, RE-CORD/DIEF, University of Florence, Florence, ITALY

Session reference: 4DO.8.1