Wednesday, 29 May 2019
Room: ROOM 5C
08:30 - 10:00
Biomass strategies and policies
Session code: 4CO.4 European strategies for Biomass Utilisation
Suani COELHO, University of São Paulo, GBIO/Institute of Energy and Environment, BRAZIL

Short introductive summary: Three Switch Points on the Road to a Long Term Sustainable Bioenergy Strategy

Bioenergy is a limited resource. To reach the 2° target from Paris agreement, bioenergy provision has to serve energy and climate policy most efficient. As bioenergy systems are already established, transformation strategies will be necessary. There are many aspects to consider when deciding about those strategies politically. Technology readiness, energy system integration, economic effects, environmental risks, acceptance and GHG-abatement potentials but few of the important factors are to consider. For a long term stable bioenergy strategy systemic understanding of the influencing factors is necessary. In this work, conclusion from a systematic approach for the assessment of the different bioenergy options are presented and important switch points for the decision on long term strategies are concluded. The investigation is done to support the long term bioenergy strategy in Germany, but is transferable to other countries.
Presenter:  Daniela THRÄN, DBFZ-German Biomass Research Centre, Bioenergy Systems Dpt., GERMANY

Presenter's biography:
Head of Department "Bioenergy Systems" at DBFZ and "Bioenergy" at UFZ. About 50 scientists work in those departments. Since the end of 2011 holding the chair „Bioenergy Systems“ at the University of Leipzig. Member of the German Bioeconomy Council and the European Bioeconomy Stakeholder Panel.

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D. Thrän, DBFZ/UFZ, Leipzig, GERMANY

Session reference: 4CO.4.1