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EUBCE 2022 - Biorefinery Platforms for Bio-based Chemicals and Polymers

Biorefinery Platforms for Bio-based Chemicals and Polymers


Session Description

A visual presentation session covering biorefinery products from the processing of lignin and upgrading of biorefinery side products.


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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Chemistry Dpt., GREECE

Session reference: 6CV.7.1

Integrated Biorefinery for Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass Valorization to Chemicals, Fuels and Polymers
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University of Bergen, Chemistry Dpt., NORWAY

Session reference: 6CV.7.5

Combined Extraction of Furfural And HMF from Sugars and Phenols from Lignin
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Research Centre for Natural Sciences, HUNGARY

Session reference: 6CV.7.10

Hydroconversion of Lignin-derivative Guaiacol over Alumina-supported Pd and Ni Catalysts
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Sanette MARX

North-West University, Centre of Excellence in Carbon-based Fuels, SOUTH AFRICA

Session reference: 6CV.7.11

Bio-catalytic Upgrading of Vanillyl Alcohol in HTL Aqueous Product to Vanillin
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Chrysanthi ARGEITI

Agricultural University of Athens, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens, GREECE

Session reference: 6CV.7.12

Valorisation of Brewer’s Spent Grain for Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Production Via Fermentation