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EUBCE 2023 - Maude LAUZON - Enerkem’s Gasification Technology for a Sustainable Future

Enerkem’s Gasification Technology for a Sustainable Future


Bioenergy and biobased products

Enerkem’s Gasification Technology for a Sustainable Future

Short Introductive summary

Enerkem’s thermochemical process is able to convert a wide range of non-recyclable waste material (e.g., agricultural and forestry waste, municipal, commercial, and industrial mixed wastes and mixed waste plastics) into a broad range of molecules widely used in both renewable fuels and chemical applications. The solid waste feedstock is gasified in a bubbling fluidized bed resulting in a raw synthetic gas that is cleaned-up and optimized to maximize carbon recovery in Enerkem’s proprietary synthetic gas conditioning unit providing a stable flow of an ultra-clean syngas that is suitable for further processing in any common catalytic synthesis. Enerkem has produced in its commercial demonstration facility in Edmonton both Methanol and Ethanol applying its own proprietary processes. This abstract will provide insights on the technology as well as an overview on the variety of target products and markets and share the status and progress of Enerkem’s most advanced projects in Canada and Europe developed with our industrial partners.

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Enerkem, Regulatory Affairs and ESG

Presenter's biography

Ms. Lauzon holds 15 years of experience in environmental compliance and sustainable development. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at École Polytechnique. Ms. Lauzon is responsible for integrating the principles of sustainable development into all of Enerkem’s activities.

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M. Lauzon, Enerkem, Montreal, CANADA

Session reference: BP.2.1