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EUBCE 2023 - Jens Bo HOLM-NIELSEN - Five Times Larger Biogas Production in Europe 2030 How?

Five Times Larger Biogas Production in Europe 2030 How?


Biomass conversion to bioenergy

Five Times Larger Biogas Production in Europe 2030 How?

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I have been member of the Scientific commitee more than 10+ years of EUBCE. Presented several paoers of Biogas and Biorefinery R&D topics at EUBCE and international Renewable Energy conferencens. See my CV in short - Explanatory Pages.


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Aalborg University, Energy Dpt.

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Head of Bioenergy and Green Engineering Center at Department of Energy technology at Aalborg University, Denmark 1st University Degree 1980. M.Sc.: Agricultural Systems, Crops & Soil Science, from KVL, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2nd University Degree 2008. Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University - Thesis: Process Analytical Technologies for Biogas Systems. Esbjerg, Denmark. Years of experience in the field of Biorefinery concepts and Biogas production - Anaerobic Digestion. Implementation projects of Bioenergy Systems. Extended studies in Biomass Resources.Experience of a variety of EU and UN projects.Organizer of international conferences, workshops and training programs in Europe, Central Asia and China.

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J. B. Holm-Nielsen, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, DENMARK

Session reference: CP.1.3