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EUBCE 2024 - Berend VREUGDENHIL - Global gasification developments focusing on methane and fuel production.

Global gasification developments focusing on methane and fuel production.


Large-scale gasification and biomethane production

Global gasification developments focusing on methane and fuel production.

Short Introductive summary

In this presentation I would like to give an overview of current activities in the field on biomass and waste gasification, with the aim to produce either methane or fuels. Attention will be given to the larger project build or announced and based on the project an overview of the market will be given. Recommendation and learnings from the various projects will be shared for future developments as well.


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TNO, Bio Energy & Efficiency Dpt.

Presenter's biography

Berend Joost (Berend) Vreugdenhil holds an M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University Delft. In 2006 he started his career at ECN within the Syngas and SNG group, where research is focussed on developing the technology to produce sustainable natural gas from biomass. The first four years at ECN he was involved in the gasifier research, looking into the effect of bed materials on gas composition, temperature effects and the influence of gasifying medium. Next to this he also looked into the behaviour of tar and more precisely the condensation behaviour of tar in a producer gas.Since beginning of 2011 he is responsible of the tar removal technology developed by ECN, named OLGA, and is coordinating the research program into further optimizing this technology and broadening the range of applications of OLGA. In 2015 he changed in his role to Innovation Manager Gasification, which entails setting out program for gasification within ECN. The area he now is responsible for is gasification, gas cleaning and gas upgrading. Next to the production of substitute natural gas (SNG) from biomass/waste also the production of valuable chemicals (BTX, ethylene) are routes that are being developed

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Session reference: BP.2.1