Wednesday, 08 July 2020
Room: Auditorium 1
15:10 - 16:10
Climate impacts and GHG performance
Session code: 4CO.10 Environmental Impacts of Biomass Systems
Session Description

This session covers different conversion routes and their contribution to climate mitigation. The approaches are divers in relation to conversion technologies addressed, methodologies applied, and policy perspectives taken.

Chair & Moderator

Guido REINHARDT , IFEU-Institut Heidelberg, Biomass & Food Dpt., GERMANY

Rocio DIAZ-CHAVEZ , Stockholm Environment Institute, Africa Centre, KENYA

Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute, THE NETHERLANDS

Sustainability Criteria of the Revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II): Towards Harmonised Criteria and Possible Trade-Offs for Multi-Output Biorefineries

Session reference: 4CO.10.1
Technische Universität Hamburg, Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics, GERMANY

Straw Utilization for Biofuel Production: A Consequential GHG Assessment of Bioethanol and Biomethane Provision with a Focus on the Time-Dependency of Emissions

Session reference: 4CO.10.2
LUT University, Laboratory of Sustainable Energy Systems, FINLAND

How shall the EU Countries Contribute to the 2030 Renewable Energy Target in the New NECP’s and what is the Environmental Impact of using Solid Biomass?

Session reference: 4CO.10.3
Utrecht University, Energy & Resources Dpt., THE NETHERLANDS

Eu Bioenergy In 2050: The What, Where And Why - An Assessment of Global and Regional Climate Policy on Future EU Bioenergy Consumption, Trade Requirements and Mitigation Potential -

Session reference: 4CO.10.4

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